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We can all experience challenges in our lives, with many of us experiencing a great deal of frustration or pain such as constant worrying, stress, anger, low self esteem, lacking confidence, anxiety, fear and feelings of being overwhelmed... All of which can result in debilitating feelings and behaviours that prevent us from enjoying our own personal freedom to be happy and enjoy life to the full. As a hypnotherapist in Fairford Gloucestershire, I can help with all of these and many other issues.

Unfortunately, these problems don’t seem to go away on their own and often can get much worse over time. My clients are frequently amazed at how quickly and easily they can make lasting changes with their only regret that they did not seek professional help much earlier!

It’s never too early or late to seek help with my clients ranging in age from early school years to senior citizens!

Each person is unique and although you may ‘think’ you know what your problem is, the real cause can be (and usually is) buried at a sub-conscious level.

Whatever challenges you are experiencing in your life, I have the unique combination of skills, experience and empathy that can help you make a life changing difference.

We are all unique individuals, and helping my clients to discover their own personal freedom, whether to quit smoking, lose weight or deal with bereavement  makes this more than a profession to me... It’s a passion. I look forward to helping you discover yours.

Phil Braiden

Dip Hyp Dip NLP Dip MNLP Cert PPC

Latest News...

Phil Braiden Hypnotherapy opens in Fairford

I am very pleased to announce that I am now offering appointments from my Fairford Practice in the heart of the Cotswolds.


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