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Janet H.

I went to see Phil to get help with interview nerves. The previous interview I had had was terrible. I froze and my mind went completely blank, I came away from the interview knowing that I could have done much better had I remained calm and that I had wasted a good opportunity. I was determined this time I had to do better. I needed just one appointment with Phil to see things differently. I knew when I attended the next interview I would be calm and in control. On the day of the interview I remained calm and I really felt that the interviewers got to see the real me. By the end of the interview I came away knowing that I had done my best........... I got the job!

Jim P

Have to thanks you for sorting my head out after so many years! I've always been suspicious of hypnotherapy but you certainly know your stuff. I felt relaxed and in control throughout and feel like a new man. Looking forward to my next session.

Julian B.

Gagging reflex

Just back from 1st dive lesson. Three hours in pool with mouth piece in AND NO GAG! Thank you so much Phil. Julian B.

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