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Mum returning to work

I am very grateful for your help just after one session! Anxiety crept into my life when I returned to work after being at home for 5 years and its all gone now. Walking away from the session I felt a massive weight had lifted. Thank you and keep up the good work. J

Nicola S
I've wanted to post a testimonial for some time but have struggled to find the words to do justice for all that you have done to help me through a difficult period.
Your style and approach is unique; your blend of humour and positivity combined with your ability to challenge has enabled me to undergo a major operation that I needed but couldn't face and to help me find a different path.
I can't thank you enough and know I'm now well on the way to rediscovering my sparkle and am planning to make 2017 an exciting adventure.
Phil, I can't thank you enough. Nicola S

Not me personally but a genuinely really nice guy and all he wants to do is help people

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